Passage: A Job Interview Simulator! 

An intense visual novel adventure based on real-life experiences!

Did you know that job interviews are one of the scariest moments of one’s life?

As a recent college graduate, you are desperately looking for a job in your field. After several rejections and constant nightmares about your experiences, you find hope. 

Your roommate, a beloved pet cat, transforms into an ancient Egyptian god to assist you!

With his powers, you can learn everything you need to know about nabbing your dream job. 

He can stop time, allowing you to think before making your choices! 

Navigate standard interview questions and weird brain teasers in intense scenes. 

Discover the truth behind your nightmares and unveil the dark secrets kept by employers everywhere!

Will you nail the interview process and impress your future employer? 

Or will you fall into a void of darkness? 

An interview can mean life or death these days.



  • Branching storyline with 2 endings
  • ~30 minutes of playtime
  • Choice-based visual novel style gameplay
  • Original art and story
  • Original soundtrack


Development Notes: 

Passage was developed as my graduate level practicum project for my Master’s of Science in Technical and Professional Communication at Lawrence Technological University.

This game is designed to teach players real-life job skills in the form of a narrative-based video game! Using interactive media, I created a game that teaches an important communication skill.

Currently, this demo is just a small part of what I want to accomplish. I plan on developing a full-length title, complete with several interview levels, “bosses”, and lore. Additionally, I want to create more visual novel style elements, including social scenes, character relationships, and point and click investigations. 

As part of my continuing research and development, I am asking for player feedback on this demo. If you’d like to give feedback, I would really appreciate it!

Click here to complete my player experience survey!

I had so much fun writing and creating my first demo and am excited to plan out the future of this project! 

--Emily Auten



Written by Emily Auten 

Music by Andrew Hintzen  

Character Art by Nova

Special thanks to LTU’s Game Development program and my practicum advisor Mars Ashton!

Passage is inspired by some of my favorite series ever: Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, Danganronpa, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 


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Passage Demo (Windows) 763 MB
Version 1
Passage Demo (Mac) 736 MB
Version 1
Passage Demo (Linux) 762 MB
Version 1
Passage Demo (Android) 707 MB
Version 1

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A great game that mixes fun with real world interview prep. I can't wait for more levels and bosses.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback. Chapter 2 (in the form of a demo) is on its way!

Yay! Thanks for working so hard on this!


Thank you :)



It seems to freeze right before the interview on google chrome for me, a bit after prof. T says he's freaked out. It's a shame too, because I really like the game so far AND it's on browser- the stuff said so far has been relateable and fairly useful. I hope to try it again after it's fixed so I can give a proper review.

Hey! Sorry it doesn't work on Chrome for you. I can look into the problem and reupload the game. I just tried it on my browser and it worked past that point, maybe there is an error with a certain version of Chrome?  I will look into the error and see if I can fix it.

I'm really glad you enjoy the game so far! <3 Thanks so much for trying it out! :) 

Thanks for the quick reply! I look forward to playing it again soon!


That was actually a pretty dope visual novel it's well written and the game does a good job of keeping the players attention really good start for a demo I like that you put out an outline for the full release it seems like you're wanting to put in quite a lot good job on the demo and good luck with the full release my play through here: 


Thank you so much for your rating and review! I am really glad you enjoyed the demo :)  

I'm excited to develop this game further. 

Thanks for the video playthrough too!! 

No problem thank you for responding!  good luck with developing the game :D